The newest kayak manufactured in the Hunter Ski factory.
Ponat Malongane in Southern Mozambique was host to the annual STRAB festival, which is a display of 30 of southern africa's best and up and coming bands. But for us it was much more about the fishing, especially for me, my fist sail fish from a kayak.
Past Vilonkulos, a piece of paradise!
The fresh water kayak fishing explosion continues!
Barry Hilton displays his bass skills on Buffelspoort
The oldest river in the world was designed for us Hunter Ski fisherman - FACT!
Roodeplaat was host to the 2nd fresh water kayak fishing comp of this season.
De Hoek below Bloemhof Dam Wall was the venue for the 1st fresh water kayak fishing competition of 2009/2010
Roodeplaat dam proved to be difficult fishing.
Thanks to everybody who fished on Saturday!
Unfortunately the fishing was slow, but the guys fished hard and managed to boat three species with over 50 fish in total.
A week in Paindane and 10 days in Pomene
3 days and 2 nights on Bloemhof Dam, kayak fishing for some of the biggest barbel in South Africa.
Buffelspoort, Sautrday 24 January 2009.

1st. Brian Jacob - 4 x vlei kurpers,2 x barbel(4.5pounds and 3.5pounds),1xbass
2nd. Dave Mollatt - 2 x bass, 1 x vlei kurper
3rd. Corneil Jacob - 3 x vlei kurper
4th. Harold Fourie - 2 x bass
5th. Huson Chembezi - 1 vlei kurper.

With a small turn out Brian turns on the heat and catches three species for the first time ever in a freshwater kayak fishing competition. What a fisherman!lol

What a cool days fishing. Buffelspoort never dissapoints!
100 kayakers take to the waters of Paindane , Mozambique.
What a Day!
The 1st ever fresh water kayak fishing competition was a success in every respect.
Some fish were caught, some skin fried and some beers drank!

1st : Mike Longhurst - 93cm barbel - 18 points
2nd : Ninja Stainton - 80cm barbel - 16 points
3rd : Dave Mollat - 3 x bass = 70cm - 14 points
4th : Brian Jacob - 2 x bass = 45cm - 9 points
5th : Lantz Mattiinson - 1 x bass length?
6th : Dave Bell - 1 x bass - 5 points
2008-11-15 ; 06:00 - 02:30
2nd ever fresh water kayak fishing competition

Oh what fun we have when the barbel are spawning!!!

Another successful competion, and things are hotting up to see who takes the series at the end of the season. Before I put down the results, we should set a date for the 3rd competition. Sat and Sun 13, 14th DEC, any other ideas?

The placings for Roodeplaat 2nd freshwater kayak fishing competition were as follows:

1st. Rick Flare - 5 barbel, 2 canary kurper - 33 points
2nd. Dave Mollatt - 4 barbel, 1 canary kurper - 30 points
3rd. Chris Lelo - 3 barbel, 2 bass - 29 points
4th. Brian Jacob - 5 barbel - 28 points
5th. Corneil Jacob - 2 barbel

The species multiplier played a big role and it looks like that is the way to win these comp. We are yet for somebody to catch 3 species in one comp!
Bass Lake is a crystal clear water quarry with some record size Bass. A record of 7kgs. R100 to bass fish there, but worth the money.