Good old Roodies produces another awsome mornings fishing. Thanks to everybody who came, before you on the water it always seems like alot of effort, once you on the water you wonder why you don't do it more often. There were so many fish around, but very difficult to convince that they were hungry. I saw shoals of bass, and some size bass protecting structure. I also saw size blue kurpers protecting there circular sand nests, very aggresive, but not taking spinners. One thing was for sure, Roodeplaat is one of the healthiest fisheries in Gauteng, the only reason people would complain about it, is because they do not have the skills to get fish there.

Here the results:

Reinhart Grobler - 2 x barbel : 7.5kg and 4 kg

Brian Jacob - 1 x barbel : 6kg

John Venter - 1 x barbel : 5kg

Cornell Timmerman - 1 x barbel : 4kg

Congrats! And thanks again to everybody who came.