After five grueling events through the summer in the fresh water kayak fishing series Dave Mollat came out on top! He proved himself as the "Bass master"! His placings were, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 1st. Congratulations!!!! The results from the last competition held at Rust de Winter on the 21st of March were as follows: 1st. Dave Mollat - 5 bass 2nd. Brian Jacob - 3 bass, 1 barbel 3rd. Corneil Jacob - 4 bass 4th. Ryan Arild - 3 bass 5th. Brett Hillidge - 2 bass 6th. Nicci Buys - 1 bass Standing thus far 1st.Dave Mollatt - 160 points 2nd. Brian Jacob - 160 points 3rd.Corneil Jacob - 90 points 4thMike Longhurst - 55 points 5th.Rick Flare - 50 points 5th.Shaun F - 50 points 6th. Ninja Stainton - 45 points 7th. Shaun P - 30 points 7th. Chris Lelo - 30 points 9th.Ryan Arild - 25 points 10th. Ant - 20 points 10th. Harold Fourie - 20 points 11th. Brett Hillidge - 15 points 12th.Lantz Mattinson - 10 points 12th. Hudson Chembezi - 10 points 12th. Nicci Buys - 10 points 14th.Dave Bell - 5 points 14th. Tollie 14th. Mark T 14th. Francois Moller 14th.Jock Seeliger 14th. Zama Seeliger 14th. Sven Shaver The first competition for the new season is proposed to be held on the long weekend at the end of September, 24 Sep is Heritage day. I suggest a barbel bonanza at Bloemhof dam over this weekend. Please write down these dates and dont say you I did not give you warning. See you in Mozam during the winter.