This season has seen 4 competitions and also 4 different champions. At Rust de Winter Lloyd won with a beautiful bass of 48cm. At roodeplaat Rheinhardt and Anton walked with the spoils after a tough days fishing. Dimalachite saw Lyndon catch the biggest fish ever caught in a Freshwater kayak fishing Competition. At the Bronkhorstspruit Bass classic Elmero took the first prize in one of our comps.

Results from Rust de Winter: 1st: Lloyd - 50 points 2nd: Woerman - 40 points 3rd: Brian - 30 points 4th: Mark T - 20 points 5th: Anthea - 10 points

Results from Roodeplaat: 1st: Rheinhardt/Anton - 50 points 2nd: Ruan - 40 points 

Results from Dimalchite: 1st: Lyndon - 50 points 2nd: Milinda - 40 points 3rd: Elmero - 30 points 4th: Brian - 20 points 5th: Nicci 10 points

Results from Bronkhorstspruit: 1st: Elmero - 50 points 2nd:Brian/Buks/Quintin/Lloyd - 40 points

Standing thus far:

1st: Brian/Lloyd - 90 points 

2nd: Elmero - 80 points

3rd: Rheinhardt/Anton/Lyndon - 50 points

4th: Buks/Quintin/Milinda/Francois/Ruan - 40 points

5th: Mark T - 20 points

6th: Nicci/Anthea - 10 points

So things are tight, and its anybodies game at the moment. It will be very interesting to see who can get the most species at Rhenosterkop and take the out right lead in the season.