Out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix! The Hunter Ski factory burning down in Johannesburg strengthened our company in the most unlikely way. Again we have been burnt, and this time it has brought about another lease on life. Hunter Ski is on the verge of the most exciting chapter in its history yet, and we urge you to be part of what is sure to be the most exciting range of plastic kayaks South Africa has ever seen.

Hunter Ski has purchased two new moulds from China that will arrive in South Africa at the end of October. The kayaks are improved designs from kayaks that have been very successful in New Zealand, America and Europe. Practical, good looking and user friendly are elements that we have incorporated in these kayaks. 

A perfect recreational double kayak, with a third seat for a child or for use as a large single seater. These kayaks stack perfectly for ease of transport and storage. Many built in features like cup holders, bottle holders, paddle parks (temporary and permanent), place for 2 x 6 inch hatches, cargo space on the front and back deck. A rudder system can be integrated and the kayak can also facilitate outfitting for fishing. This kayak will be retailing for R5750 Incl Vat. See Picture in Gallery under "New Kayaks".

A short recreational single is the obvious next addition to the Hunter Ski range. Again we have gone for practicality, slick look and user friendliness. This specific design has been the most popular sit-on-top kayak worldwide for the last 3 years, and when you sit in it you will realise why. This kayak also has many built in features like paddle parks, front and back deck storage, stacks perfectly, space for one 6inch hatc etc. This kayak will be retailing for R3950 Incl Vat. See Picture in Gallery under "New Kayaks".

A container has been sea freighted from China with products very similar to the ones that our moulds will produce. These kayaks will help our dealers supply the market for a week while we get our moulds into production. In the container we have 8 double seater kayaks, 33 single seater kayaks, 40 standard backrests, 40 deluxe backrests and 30 trolley wheels. Please do not hesitate to reserve some of this stock as we anticipate it to sell out very quickly.

We will be distributing these kayaks and accessories in the week starting 12 November.

The other addition to our range of kayaks, is by far the most exciting. This kayak we have shaped by hand, and the mould will be manufactured locally. The concept is new and exciting, a merge between an Indian canoe and a sit-on-top kayak. It allows for infinite seating arrangements and outfitting, but it can also be used with the most basic fittings, like and Indian canoe or makoro. See the picture of a similar American kayak in the Gallery under "New Kayaks".

We are hoping to have this mould ready for middle November.

Then I just want to remind you of the kayak we have available for you today.

The Hunter Ski is like a bottle of good red wine, just keeps getting better and better. We have even managed to reduce the recommended retail price of the Hunter Ski to R5395 Incl Vat.

Please feel free to give me a call on 0723799577 or drop me an email on brian@hunterski.co.zaif you have any questions.

Have the greatest summer yet!