At the Hunter ski factory in Park Rynie we have a Rock n Roll rotational moulding machine. This machine was built in Canada and is one of the most technically advanced rotational moulding machines in Africa. It has a capacity of 5 metres in length and 1.3 metres in width. This does not mean it cannot mould smaller products, in fact, smaller products can be run in conjunction with existing moulds which will in turn bring down manufacturing costs.


We thus offer clients the opportunity to let us develop and manufacture any plastic products that falls into the scope of rotational moulding. We are able to produce products from existing moulds, at exceptional quality and within industry pricing.


Or we can develop a product from an idea. This includes, designing the product, creating the product replica, turning the shape into a pattern which is cast into aluminium or mad out of steel, which after some finishing’s becomes the mould. This can be a costly and time consuming process, but if there is a market for the product then this investment will always be justified.


Please feel free to give us a call, or even better pop in for a visit and let’s start creating.


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Unit 5, Abbeyvale Business Park, Payne rd, Park Rynie, Kzn South Coast.




State of the Art rotational moulding machine.