Pull your kayak on wheels

The standard backrest fits any kayak and offers that much needed back support when paddling the long hours. It retails for R375 Incl Vat.

The deluxe backrest fits any kayak and has an incredibly comfortable high back support with ultra soft padding. It retails for R450 Incl Vat.

The jacket is designed specifically for kayaking and paddle sport.   The jacket has three adjustable waist straps which serve to mould the jacket to the wearers' body preventing the jacket from floating upwards on the wearer which in tu

The jacket is designed specifically for surf kayaking and surf paddle sport.   The jacket features a full rescue harness with collar grab handle and adjustable crutch straps and has three adjustable waist straps all serving to mould the jac

An aluminium shaft with plastic scoops creates and indestructible paddle that suits many different types of paddling. The plastic hand placement handles, add grip. It retails for R350 Incl Vat.

Features a roll and clip style dry bag made of tough vinyl.   The base on this item is flexible vinyl and allows the bag to be folded through boat hatch covers for maximum storage below deck.   The clip seals the bag thus making i

The kayaks that we manufacture at Hunter Ski can all be fitted with adjustable rudder system. The rudder can also fold out of the water when in shallow water or when beaching. This systems retails for R850 Incl Vat installed, and for R750 Incl Vat no

Fibreglass paddles provide more rigidity and thus better performance. Fibreglass paddles are available in flat or wing blades. Flat blades are easier to start out with, but wing blades provide better performance in the long run. These paddles retail

Carbon fibre paddles are for the serious paddler, lightweight which is crucial for long days on the water. Maximum rigidity for ultimate performance. Available in flat or wing blades. Flat blades are easier to start out with, but wing blade