2nd ever fresh water kayak fishing competition

2008-11-15 ; 06:00 - 02:30
2nd ever fresh water kayak fishing competition

Oh what fun we have when the barbel are spawning!!!

Another successful competion, and things are hotting up to see who takes the series at the end of the season. Before I put down the results, we should set a date for the 3rd competition. Sat and Sun 13, 14th DEC, any other ideas?

The placings for Roodeplaat 2nd freshwater kayak fishing competition were as follows:

1st. Rick Flare - 5 barbel, 2 canary kurper - 33 points
2nd. Dave Mollatt - 4 barbel, 1 canary kurper - 30 points
3rd. Chris Lelo - 3 barbel, 2 bass - 29 points
4th. Brian Jacob - 5 barbel - 28 points
5th. Corneil Jacob - 2 barbel

The species multiplier played a big role and it looks like that is the way to win these comp. We are yet for somebody to catch 3 species in one comp!
DSC01706.JPG DSC01760.JPG DSC01763.JPG DSC01768.JPG DSC01771.JPG DSC01772.JPG DSC01781.JPG DSC01797.JPG DSC01798.JPG DSC01802.JPG DSC01807.JPG DSC01810.JPG DSC01811.JPG DSC01819.JPG DSC01824.JPG

A beautiful setting sun a Roodeplaat Dam , the hysinth only appeared on Sunday!