Bloemhof barbel mission

3 days and 2 nights on Bloemhof Dam, kayak fishing for some of the biggest barbel in South Africa.
DSC02753.JPG DSC02764.JPG DSC02792.JPG DSC02800.JPG DSC02806.JPG DSC02813.JPG DSC02819.JPG DSC02826.JPG DSC02837.JPG DSC02848.JPG DSC02849.JPG DSC02855.JPG DSC02881.JPG DSC02889.JPG DSC02902.JPG DSC02913.JPG DSC02920.JPG

All the gear carried down the side of a bridge, where the R505 crosses over the Vaal river, set up and ready to take on 90 km down to Bloemhof dam