Ponta Malongane - STRAB festival

Ponat Malongane in Southern Mozambique was host to the annual STRAB festival, which is a display of 30 of southern africa's best and up and coming bands. But for us it was much more about the fishing, especially for me, my fist sail fish from a kayak.
DSC04502.JPG DSC04505.JPG DSC04515.JPG DSC04520.JPG DSC04522.JPG DSC04531.JPG DSC04561.JPG DSC04572.JPG DSC04575.JPG DSC04576.JPG DSC04577.JPG DSC04584.JPG DSC04594.JPG DSC04622.JPG DSC04624.JPG


Kosi bay border after driving through the night. Almost there!