Special on Proteus for June - 2015-06-19

  Hello Kayak Shop, To brighten up your winter, Legend Kayaks is running a special for its wholesale clients Only. We are offering a Proteus, only for the rest of June, at a further 10% off. Thats right, for the rest of June, Legend Kayak dealers can purchase the Proteus for 40% less on the recommended retail price. While stocks... more

Legend Kayaks cooking on Gas - 2015-05-15

Hello Paddlers, Here at Legend Kayaks, we are full steam ahead making kayaks and developing news ideas to improve our products. We are blessed with great weather in this country, and possibly winter is an even better time to be on our beautiful pieces of water. So if you need some help getting into the sport, give me a shout, cause there'... more

Kayak these Easter holidays - 2015-03-09

Hello Paddlers, Amazingly we are already approaching the Easter holidays of 2015. The weather is cooling down and we are able to spend more time on the water. Our range of kayaks continue to make paddlers happy around South Africa, for just a recreational paddle, a fishing excursion or a touring adventure. Our passion lies in getting our custome... more

Festive Season - 2014-12-27

Dear Kayak Dealer, Merry Xmas! Not everybody has time for holiday in this festive season, and we at Legend Kayaks understand that, and thats why I will be on call to service you every kayak need through this busy time for you. I will also be making a trip from Durban down the coast to Cape Town in early January. Cheaper deliver costs and c... more

Legendary Christmas - 2014-12-15

Hello Legends, I am not sure how we can be 2 weeks away from 2015, so don't hesitate to make the most of the 2014 festive season. Get on the water and get paddling! As always, we will get you the kayak you need, at ridiculous prices. Lets chat! Cheers, Brian ... more

Have a Legendary Christmas - 2014-12-15

  Hello Legend Dealer, What an exciting festive we have ahead of us! Not only are we supplying the most practical, best value for money, highest quality kayaks in South Africa, but our main competitor has sold out to major retailer, who think that by giving a R700 discount on their kayaks will sway the market. As you well know, a cust... more

Torqeedo and Legend Kayaks - 2014-12-01

 Hi There, We are very excited to anounce that Legend Kayaks has been appointed as the Distributor for Torqeedo. Torqeedo is a German company, they are the international leaders in electric propulsion. They have made the use of an electric motor as an outboard a reality, not only in terms of power but also range. The Ultralight 403, is t... more

Legend Elves - 2014-11-25

  Hello Kayak Shop, Five weeks left of 2014, to say the year has flown, is an understatement! At Legend Kayaks we are hard at work to try and stay ahead of orders and build some stock for December. Even with our legendary Elves hard at work there is sure to be a backlog going towards Christmas. We have full confidence in our ability t... more

Summer is here - 2014-11-11

Hi Kayak Shop, The holiday makers are on their way to your shop to spend their bonuses on kayaks and accessories. Please make sure that you have the stock to make maximum profit. We at Legend Kayaks will be here into 2015 supplying you with what you need at the best prices. Legend Kayaks are committed to their country wide dealers, we refer ever... more

May the Legend long continue! - 2014-10-13

Dear Legendary Paddler, Here on the sleepy South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, Legend Kayaks has been hard at work making our awesome range of kayaks, and making paddlers and fishermen all around South Africa, Very Happy! After all, the only fluid worth paddling on is Water. Drop me an email, and I will personally make sure that you get the exact k... more

Release the Kraken - 2014-08-05

Hello There, After extreme development and testing, we are proud to release our newest kayak model, the "Kraken". Its first public viewing will be at the Johannesburg Boat show, held at Nasrec near Soccer City, this coming weekend 8 to 10 August. Please pop in for a visit to discuss this new revolutionary kayak, as well as all the othe... more

Legend Kayak News - 2014-07-07

Hello All, I have so much news to share with you all. Let me start with the most exciting. We are about to release "The Kraken", our new and very exciting kayak. It's been a long time in coming, but we have put all our knowledge and passion into this shape, which is going to change kayaking in South Africa. I will be sending out... more

Legend Kayaks - 2014-03-18

Hi All, So its finally come to that point where I will be saying good bye from and Hello from We have been here for a long time, and you have been there with us the whole way, and we thank you for that! Check out the slick new website It is only the start of legendary things to come! Kee... more

Legend Kayaks - 2014-02-21

Hello Everybody, To improve we have to change, and this has meant that the iconic Hunter Ski will now get a new name. Hunter ski will never be forgotten, and neither will you, the original Hunter Ski paddlers. We have decided to now called the company "Legend Kayaks". Our goal will be to always make Legendary kayaks that our custome... more

Win a Proteus kayak - 2014-01-09

Hello Hunter Ski Family,   Let me start by wishing you all an amazing year ahead! I hope that you can spend more time on your kayak and less time worrying about life's insignificant problems.   There is so much to tell you, about all the exciting changes at Hunter Ski, but I will try to compact it into an easy to read Newl... more

Santa is taking kayak orders - 2013-12-13

Hello All, The Hunter Ski factory is in full production for one more week, we will be open until the 20th of December. The Nessy and Proteus moulds are producing perfect kayaks that the South African market has embraced. The quality of our product and the value for money that we offer is something that our country has not seen before. I urge ... more

Last week until crazy December rush - 2013-11-22

Hi There, Let the mayhem begin! With our new moulds into production, we are flat out at work making the best range of kayaks ever produced in South Africa, and we hope that you or your clients can benefit from the unbelievable value we are offering on these beautiful kayaks. Our three seater kayak, the "Nessy", offers endless f... more

Hunter Ski Special - 2013-11-12

Hello Paddlers, Can you believe its almost December! Hunter Ski wants to help you spend more time on the water over the festive season and thus has some exciting propositions for you. Firstly, the Hunter Ski keeps proving that it is the ultimate all round kayak, and we keep getting better at making it. We are running a ridiculous special on t... more

Hunter Ski's new kayaks - 2013-10-14

Out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix! The Hunter Ski factory burning down in Johannesburg strengthened our company in the most unlikely way. Again we have been burnt, and this time it has brought about another lease on life. Hunter Ski is on the verge of the most exciting chapter in its history yet, and we urge you to be part of what is sure to b... more

Exciting new kayak models - 2013-09-23

Dear Kayak Dealer, After a difficult few months, Hunter Ski is now ready to change kayaking in South Africa. In this case, inspiration has come through the most unlikely of situations. As I am sure you will agree, kayaks are best sold by shops with stock, and that is why you, the kayak dealers, are the crucial cog in this wheel. Hunter Ski wi... more

Wholesale on Plastic kayaks from Hunter Ski - 2013-08-05

Dear Kayak Dealer, Firstly, my apologies for my silence since I last made contact with you. Although Hunter Ski has been put in a difficult position, we will continue to run our business with the highest moral regard. In due course, our ethics will prove that there is only one way to do business, the right way. The Hunter Ski kayak has been a... more

Hunter Ski specials - 2013-07-12

Hello Paddling Friends, Many moons have passed since I last wrote to the Hunter Ski community, but we are still very much alive and looking forward to some new and exciting developments. I will endevour to inform you first when these changes happen. I hope you can also see the light at the end of the winter, and take the opportunity to get re... more

Crazy Specials on the best range of plastic kayaks in the country - 2013-03-05

Hello Water Babies, What better way to spend a day, than to get some paddling exercise with Family and Friends, on our beautiful African waterways! At Hunter Ski we are able to provide you with the best advice, best price and best selection of kayaks available in sunny South Africa. Drop me a mail at or visit www.hunters... more

Hunter Ski Kayaks - 2013-02-06

Hello Everybody, My apologies for the long silence. It was a very busy end of year trying to manufacture kayaks for Fluid, Stealth and Hunter Ski. The Hunter Ski is now officially part of the Fluid range and is now the Fluid Hunter. This was a natural progression, as 95% of my energies are focussed on the manufacturing process, the other 5% goes... more

Kayak Clown is on youtube again - 2012-09-12

 Hello Everybody, Summer is fast approaching, time to get on the water, with the family, with a rod, as this is the soul food we all need. Hunter Ski has the best deals on plastic kayaks in SA, and we can service country wide. So drop me an email on and I will quote you on the kayak suited to your purpose. Check out Ka... more

Markus Potgieter - Kayak fishing guide extrodinare - 2012-08-18

 Hi Guys, Please keep an eye on the Hunter Ski website which is being upgraded to incorporate all the changes that have happened over the last 8 months. Please see details of the kayak fishing guiding done by Markus Potgieter, it is an opportunity to learn about this sport from the best, exponentially.   Guided Adventure Seafari... more

Check out Kayak Clown on youtube - 2012-08-07

 Many exciting developments at Hunter Ski in the past 6 months, but let me not bore you with the details. We now manufacture 11 different models of plastic kayaks, for Hunter Ski, Fluid kayaks and Stealth kayaks, as well as a hydroponics gutter growing system. Please read more about our rotational moulding services in the "rotational moul... more

Hunter Ski is Alive - 2012-05-31

 Hello Paddling Friends, My long silence has not been as a result of me fishing at every opportunity, but rather because of the blood sweat and tears we have been putting in to become one of the worlds leading plastic kayak manufacturers. I am happy to say that we have reached, if not passed all possible expectations by the quality we have re... more

Spinning, spinning , spinning - 2012-02-23

Hello Everyone, At Hunter Ski, we never stop spinning, not because we like that nausias feeling cause your earlobe is totally diasorientated, but becuase we love getting better at making the perfect kayaks. We have recently decided that we want to focus our energies on manufacturing, and be the best at this. So if you need a Hunter Ski ha... more

Rust de Winter this weekend - 2012-01-18

 Hello There, The elite of Gauteng kayak fishing will be battling it out to take top honours in the first of 2012 prestigious Kayak freshwater kayak fishing series. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce! Or you can say that a group of friends through fishing and paddling are getting together to hammer some  bass! Either way... more

Need to catch some fish in 2012 - 2012-01-09

 Hello, I have an urge to fill some 2L coke bottles with Gauteng dam water, and thus I prupose to hold a freshwater kayak fishing competition on Saturday the 21st.  Suggested Dams are: Rust De Winter, Vaal river and Hartbeespoort. Please let me know if you can make it, and we can then organise some prizes based on numbers. Also let me... more

2011 Adios! - 2011-12-23

Hello All,   Hunter Ski is back, back to reality!  2 months after the fire, we have managed to get back into production and are again producing brilliant kayaks!    Do remember, Hunter Ski is open throughout the holidays, so dont hesitate if you need some help with your Hunter Ski or need 10 new ones for your Holiday, lol! ... more

Burnt Silence - 2011-11-03

 Hello Everybody, On this occassion my silence has been directly linked to a disaster in our factory. On Saturday night the 22nd of October there was a fire in the Hunter Ski factory storeroom. 80% of our stock was lost, including kayaks, rubber ducks, fish finders, boat fittings etc etc.  It has been a very difficult time for me and no... more

Paindane Competition on SuperSport - 2011-10-14

 Schedule below... please spread the word as much as possible. Stealth Paindane Challenge 2011 * 13-Oct-11 21:30 22:00 SS5 Stealth Paindane Challenge 2011 * 13-Oct-11 21:30 22:00 SS5A Stealth Paindane Challenge 2011 * 13-Oct-11 21:30 ... more

Wrong cell no - 2011-10-12

 Hello again, My apoligies, I got Lantz's no wrong, it is 0836819281. Cheers Brian... more

The Season is running away - 2011-10-12

 Hello Everybody, I want to apologise for my lack of correspondance over the last few weeks. I am not going to complain about how busy i have been, its a cliche, and one should always make time for fishing and fishing friends.  But let me quickly tell you about all the exciting things ahppening in the Hunter Ski and kayak fishing world:... more

Kayak fishing dates to diarise - 2011-09-21

 Hello Paddlingfishers, I got a couple of events that may be of interest. On the weekend of the Saturday  the the 5th of November some Gauteng kayak fishing representitives are going down to Ricmond to take on some KZN boys at Bass fishing. Some prestine private farm dams are going to be fished and it will be well worth the mission. Th... more

Weekends fishing - 2011-09-06

 Hello Fishfriends, So potentially we have the best weekends Bass fishing that anybody has ever experienced in their lives ahead of us. After much deliberation, we have decided to change the triple RRR Bass Classic into the double RR Bass Classic. For a couple of reasons: firstly, the springboks play their very important opening game of the ... more

Bass are biting! - 2011-08-15

 Hi Everybody, Some Kayak fishing dates to diarise. I am proposing the weekend Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September. It is the Grand opening of the season of kayak fishing. The RRR Bass Classic!!! In conjunction with the Gauteng kayak fishing club and the Pretoria kayak fishing club. Sponsored by Beyond Fishing,, Anlging A... more

Small Bass Boat Challenge - 2011-07-18

 Hello Everybody, Yes, the winter is over and its time to start fishing regularly. We confirmed this on Sunday at Rhenosterkop with a number of good fish coming out. There is a Small Bass Boat Challenge in Gauteng, kayaks have recently been given the nod to fish in this series. Our vision is for kayaks to start dominating this series of comp... more

Fishing Rhenosterkop on Sunday - 2011-07-05

 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, So this Sunday a bunch of us crazy fishermen/women will be braving the cold to try and get some Bass on the end of our lines. Its gonna be a social fish, so bring any boat, rod or speargun that you like. We going to try and launch at Rhenosterkop at 7:30am on sunday the 10th of July. We will meet at the Zambesi... more

Bass fishing Rhenosterkop on Sunday 10 July - 2011-06-28

 Hello, There is unrest amongst the kayak fishing community, to such an extent that we are now willing to brave the cold in search of a bending rod. The venue: Rhenosterkop The date: Sunday 10 July The time: Launch at 7:30am Please confirm your interest asap with me, if the turnout justifies it, we can try to get some prizes together for ... more

Best way to get over the winter Blues! - 2011-06-20

Hello, So we have made it through the heart of the winter, and we can see the Spring light at the end of the tunnel. But word is out that Rhenosterkop is producing some spectacular Winter Bass, and so a few of us Mal kayak anglers are looking to fill up our flasks and make a day trip to this beautiful Dam. We are looking for a date that suits as m... more

Fishing, fishing, fishing - 2011-05-05

 Hello Everybody, I trust everybody had a peaceful Easter break, that has revived you for the intense fishing who are about to have over our colder months here in Southern Africa. The Gauteng kayak fishing club is full steam ahead once again. The goal is to use the club as much more of a platform for social and competitive kayak fishing in G... more

Gauteng kayak fishing meeting - saltwater clinic - 2011-04-15

 Hi everybody, A quick reminder about tomorrow mornings meeting at 10am at the Hunter ski factory. Please send me any topics that I can include on the agenda. Anybody is welcome, member or non-member, paddler or non-paddler, any input will be appreciated. There is a saltwater kayak fishing clinic at Anlging Africa tonight at 6pm and another ... more

Busy Kayak fishing weekend - 2011-04-11

 Hi Guys, Just to remind you about the busy kayak fishing weekend coming up. Saturday morning at 10 am, we will be meeting at the Hunter Ski factory to discuss the future of the Gauteng kayak fishing club. The address is: Unit 11, Meadwobrook business estate, Jacaranda ave, Olivedale. Its predicted to be a cold weekend, so we gonna leave the... more

Paindane Challenge - 2011-04-08

 Hi People, A group of us GP kayak anglers have booked a couple Chalets for the Paindane Challenge. It is a really great package deal for the week. It falls over the week of 22May-28May. Come join us, it will be one of the best weeks of fishing you will ever do. Email me and lets represent! The Gauteng kayak fishing club AGM is next weekend ... more

Loskop Kurper Bonanza - 2011-03-30

 Good Day, The very decorated kayak angler, Clive Fourie, is driving through to Loskop on Saturday morning early, to represent our kind, the paddlers, at the Loskop Kurper Bonanza. This is the second year Clive will be there, so he knows how to get the Big Kurper. He has space in his car and needs a wingman or two. Please email me if you wou... more

Gauteng kayak fishing club / Loskop Kurper Bonanza - 2011-03-29

 Hi Guys, So next weekend Saturday the 16th of April the Gauteng kayak fishing club will be having its AGM at 10am at the Hunter Ski factory. This meeting is not only for members but for anbody interested in getting involved in this amazing sport. We will go through all the formalities and administration, and then braai some boerie rolls and ... more

Gauteng kayak fishing club - new proposed date - 2011-03-23

 Hi Guys,   Ok, everybody seems positive and it looks like we can make a go of this.   A very valid suggestion: Saturday morning the 16th  of April, 10 am, venue: Hunter Ski factory. This will avoid Friday afternoon traffic, end of week blues, and Metro on the way home. We can also maybe have a social... more

Gauteng Kayak Fishing club - 2011-03-22

 Hi Guys,   Its not gonna snow today! But you are getting some correspndance about our Gauteng kayak fishing club. I am not gonna use the old cliché that I’ve been so busy, just that we need to use the opportunity we have with our club.   I have updated our members list, so please feel free to get involved an... more

Freshwater kayak comp postponed - 2011-03-10

 Hi Guys, I apologise for my lack communication, things have been quite wild on my side. I did not have the greatest response to this weekends comp, so I thinks its best that we postpone it for a later date. I am sure there will be some social fishing happening this weekend, so let me know your plans and maybe we can meet on the water regard... more

Kayak fishing dates to diarise - 2011-03-01

 Hello Everybody, Just a couple of dates for you to diarise: Saturday 12 March : The Freshwater Kayak fishing series will continue. We are hoping that the water on the Vaal river will have dropped enough for us to target yellows, barbel, bass, kurper and Carp. Please send other suggestions in case the river does not drop enough. The Loskop ... more

The Rhenosterkop Competition results -Sponsored by Beyond Fishing, Hunter Ski and Prokayak - 2011-02-15

 Hello FishFriends, What a brilliant outing enjoyed by all! It was certainly not a easy we had thought but some really nice fish came out. Here are the results: 1st: Francois/Woerman - 5 bass, 3 kurper = 16points 2nd: Stan - 4 bass, 2 kurper = 12points 2nd: Sydney - 5 bass, 1 kurper = 12points 4th: Johan - 5 kurper = 5 points 4th: Grant... more

Rhenosterkop Kayak fishing competition Saturday 12 February Sponsored by Beyond Fishing and Hunter Ski - 2011-02-10

 Hello Viskoppe, So, the most exciting Freshwater Kayak Fishing competition to date is iminent!  There have been some outcry's to get on the water earlier, so I will be leaving JHB at 4:30am. getting to Zambezi tollgate at 5:15am, and then hopefully get to the water at 6:30am. This means, a chilled friday night, and much more vlaue... more

Rhenosterkop Kayak fishing competition Saturday 12 February - 2011-02-07

Hello Fishheads, So with a beautiful Shakespeare Baitcaster up for grabs, the entries for this coming Saturdays competition are pouring in. Not only are the prizes mouth watering, the fishing at Rhenosterkop is probably the best in Gauteng! So let me try to get the logistics sorted:  If you have not been to this dam before, we should probab... more

PENN Berkley and Shakespeare Prizes - 2011-01-31

Hello Everybody, After our record attendance at Bronkies competition, there is some serious excitement building up to the next competition. The brilliant prizes we had for the comp certainly added to the build up, so we have decided to be diligent about giving notice for the comp as well as advertising the prizes. On the 22nd of Januar... more

Elmero crowned as Bass Champ! - 2011-01-25

Hello Guys, First off, i just want to thank everybody who joined us at Bronkhorstspruit Dam this past weekend. It was the most well attended Freshwater Kayak fishing competition in the History of the sport, and you were part of it! Well done to Elmero Korff who managed to get the only Bass of substance all weekend, a nice Bass of 660 grams. ... more

Bronkhorstspruit Bass Classic on Saturday 22 January 2011 - 2011-01-20

Hello Fisher men and woman, The 4th Freshwater Kayak Fishing competition is iminent! It will start at sunrise on Saturday the 22nd of January from Baja dam situated at Bronkhorstspruit Dam. There is going to be a prize for largest bass and also most points accumulated according to the species format. So 2 prizes. There is a point per KG, and... more

Directions to Bronkhorstspruit Dam - 2011-01-17

Hello People, Click on this link for directions to Baja Dam,,28.309708&sspn=0.067565,0.1684&ie=UTF8&ll=-25.831415,28.506775&... more

Bronkies Bass Classic! - 2011-01-17

Hi All, We have confirmed that the venue for the 3rd Freshwater Kayak fishing competition of the 2010/2011 season this coming Saturday will be Bronkhorstspruit Dam. The Dam is situated very close to Emalaleni, the old Witbank. We will be camping at Baja dam, which is close to the Bronkhorstspruit Dam yacht club, possibly friday night but... more

Fishing in 2011 must take priority!!! - 2011-01-12

Hello Friends, All the Best for the New Year, I hope the year brings bending rods and screeming reels for you all! I look forward to many hours on the water with you. So lets get cracking with some Freshwater Kayak Fishing. I propose that we fish next weekend, Saturday the 22nd. The venues that have been mentioned are; Bronkhorstspruit ... more

The Fresh water kayak fishing series - Dimalachite - 2010-12-06

Hello Paddler/Anlgers, We are having a huge Hunter Ski christmas clearance sale, some of our 2nd hand and Demo kayaks are going at below cost. Please email me for a detailed list of the kayaks on this sale. These are never to be repeated prices. Rather late than never, here are the results from last weekend(Sunday 28November) fresh water kaya fis... more

This coming Sunday, fishing the Vaal River! - 2010-11-23

Hi Guys, So a bunch of us crazy paddling fisherman are taking on the Vaal river on this coming Sunday 28 November. Some people are camping on the Saturday night before. Dimalachite is playing host and is situated just past Parys, don't hesitate to google the venue for directions. We gonna have a braai midday on Sunday, so bring some supplies... more

This coming Sunday, fishing the Vaal River! - 2010-11-23

Hi Guys, So a bunch of us crazy paddling fisherman are taking on the Vaal river on this coming Sunday 28 November. Some people are camping on the Saturday night before. Dimalachite is playing host and is situated just past Parys, don't hesitate to google the venue for directions. We gonna have a braai midday on Sunday, so bring some supplies... more

Sunday 28 November - Vaal River - 2010-11-11

Hi Guys, Due to many of our fellow kayak anglers asking me to change next Fresh Water Kayak fishing competition from Saturday 27th of November to Sunday 28 November, I have done so. All the venue suggestions I received have been for the Vaal river. The barbel are feeding like mad and so are the yellows. We have penciled in Dimalachite as a venue,... more

Saturday 27 November - 2010-11-08

Hello Fellow Fish Friends, The year is running away with us, and Christmas is around the corner. I have been to Mozambique and back, and our factory is taking Giant strides, hence my lack of communication. So I think, in these busy times we need to set aside a date well in advance, so that we can collectively keep open this date. So how does Satur... more

Roodeplaat Sunday 19 September - 2010-09-17

Hi All, So the second freshwater kayak fishing comp is happening at Roodeplaat on Sunday 19 September. We have over 15 entrants, so should be a good day on the water with other paddlers. We will be launching just before the rowing club again. A midday braai is happening, so bring some meat. I look forward to seeing you all! Tight lines! Brian... more

Sunday 19 September freshwater kayak fishing - 2010-09-13

Hello Everybody, The season is well under way and some beautiful bass coming out. The second freshwater kayak fishing competition has been scheduled for this coming Sunday the 19th of September. The venue is Roodeplaat dam and the competition is a species competition. A 4 kg+ bass came out of Roodeplaat last week and the barbel have been eating c... more

1st freshwater kayak fishing competition of the 2010/2011season - 2010-09-02

The spectacular Rust de Winter was host to the first freshwater kayak fishing series of the 2010/2011 season. The start of Spring saw some great bass fishing with every competitor getting some bass. Varying techniques were working, and the biggest bass was caught on fly. The results were as follows: 1st: Lloyd Piater - 2.5kg bass 2nd: Fran... more

- 2010-08-24

... more

Saturday 28 August - 2010-08-24

Hi All, The official start of the fresh water kayak fishing season is this coming Saturday.  We gonna get to Rust de Winter when the gates open at 6:30am and proceed to catch some seriously big bass. Please let me know if you can make it. Cheers Brian... more

Start of the Freshwater Kayak fishing Season - 2010-08-23

Hello Anglers, The time has come to restart our freshwater kayak fishing series. Who can make this weekend? I prupose Rust de Winter or Rhinosterkop. This meet can double up as a Gauteng kayak fishings  Club meeting. Hope to wet a line with you this weekend! Cheers Brian... more

Yellows on the Vaal river - 2010-08-05

Hello Everybody, A group of us kayak anglers are gonna target some yellow fish in the rapids on the Vaal river this weekend, Saturday 7 August. We staying at the lovely Dimalachite resort just past Parys. Please join us if you can. The next trip to Mozambique is scheduled for the 23rd of October. Its the annual Kayaks vs Jet Ski challenge at Guin... more

Gearing up for summer! - 2010-07-12

Hello kayak fisherman, Now that the World cup is over and summer is in sight, lets start to concentrate on what we were put on this earth to do, go fishing! The Gauteng kayak fishing club is looking to be more prominent this summer, we are planning competitions and social outings much more regularly. But to organise this combined effort amon... more

Winter kayak fishing - 2010-06-25

Hi Guys, Just a quick note, a bunch of kayakers are off to Hartebeesport on sunday the 27th of June. They will be launching from Meerhof at 8am to target barbel on artlure around the bird islands. There will be a braai after.  Give me a shout if you need an extra Hunter Ski. So come and learn from some experienced artlure anglers. Che... more

Winter fishing - 2010-06-18

Hello from Hunter Ski, I write to you with freezing fingers. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate through the winter and wake up when the fish start to spawn. But not all is doom and gloom! Fishing is really good around Durban at the moment, great catches of Wahoo, Tuna and the Dagga are starting to appear. The Sards are almost there and ... more

Ponta Malongane / STRAB / My 1st Kayak Sailie - 2010-06-08

Ponta Malongane / STRAB / My 1st Kayak Sailie   Perfect Place, live African music, great people and the fish of a lifetime, let me tell you a fairytale story!   On Wednesday 26 May 2010, Piet Botha(son of Pik) and his band “Jack Hammer”, started playing their relaxed African music at sunset on a beach in Mozambique called Pa... more

2 more options for weekends fishing - 2010-05-11

Hi Guys, I have got wind of 2 more venues that are fishing very well at the moment. Rhenosterkop is 120km from Pretoria on the Moloto road past Roodeplaat. The Bass are on the bite with many over 1kg coming out. It is also a well known spot for big Kurper(although slightly late in the season), and many Barbel around. The other option in Bass L... more

Final chance to wet a line! - 2010-05-10

Hello fishing friends, The year is flying away with us and we are headed into winter, but before we relinquish to the cold, let us try our luck in one of our beautiful dams around Gauteng. The last fresh water kayak fishing competition for the 2009/2010 season is due to happen this coming weekend on Saturday 15 May. The venue is still op... more

3rd Edition Hunter Ski - 2010-04-19

Hello Everybody, My apologies for the lack of contact. We have been very busy here at Hunter Ski with everything happening at once. My first bit of news is the changes we have made to the Hunter Ski. As always we are striving to bring you the ultimate fishing kayak, and have made more improvements to the Hunter Ski mold. The only significant chan... more

Hunter Ski model 3 - 2010-03-08

Hello Everybody, Here in Gauteng we tend to loose track of our priorities and get caught up in the "Rat Race". Let us take a step back and remember that all that is important is making our reels scream! Lets go fishing! Hunter Ski is releasing model 3 within the next two weeks. Part of our mission to produce the ultimate fishing kayak. ... more

Results from the 4th fresh water kayak fishing competition of 2009/10 - 2010-03-01

Hi Guys, The 4th fresh water kayak fishing competition was a brilliant day on Saturday the 20th of Feb. Whoever could not make it on the Saturday joined on Sunday for a social fish. Good old Roodeplaat proved difficult to fish and we only managed to get Barbel. There were many Bass and Kurper around but were not biting. The official results: 1... more

Saturday 20 Feb 2010 - 2010-02-15

Hello Fishermen, We have got a crew of kayak fisherman ready to fish Roodeplaat this Saturday. The gates open at 6 am. We are going to target Kurper, but I am sure some barbel and bass will also come out. There are still some demo kayaks available, from Hunter Ski, for newbies who want to try out the sport, just let me know sooner rather than... more

February is hotting up! - 2010-02-10

Hello Everybody, Just a reminder that Hunter Ski is having a once off special with never to be repeated offers on Demo and 2nd hand kayaks. Please help spread the word. We are going Kurper fishing next weekend, but are still undecided on the location. The options thus far are Roodeplaat and Buffelspoort. If you know where a good Kurper spot is, p... more

So many things happening! - 2010-02-03

Hello Everybody, As the rains start to subside in Gauteng, the opportunities to launch your Hunter Ski's increase. We have an event planned for every month until May, check the Events calendar on . There is a big one planned for the 27th of March at Loskop Dam, we will be able to enter an existing Kurper competition with over ... more

Results from 3rd comp of 2009/2010 season - 2010-01-26

The 3rd fresh water kayak fishing competition was held on Saturday 16 January 2010 on the Vaal river just past Parys at a lovely resort called Dimalachite. The water was slightly muddy from all the rain, but a number of barbel came out as well as a few yellows. The heat chased some off the water earlier than others, but the persistence of some paid... more

Fishing Sat 16 Jan - 2010-01-13

Hello Visermense, After some intense research and great input from our tighyly nit fishing community, we have decided to fish on the Vaal river at a place called Dimalachite. The yellows and barbel on the Vaal are in a feeding frenzy and we need to get in on this. The comp will run on the Saturday until 2pm and a bunch of p... more

Kayak fishing in 2010 - 2010-01-11

Hello Everybody, I hope this email finds you all well and ready for a new year! 2009 was a tough one, but bodes well for 2010. My personal new years resolution is to wet a line more consistently and smash all of my PB's! I will be writing about my trip to the orange river soon, where I did break 2 of my PB's, what an amazing place... more

Roodeplaat on Sunday - 2009-12-04

Hi Guys, Just a quicky to confirm that we have a crew fishing in the 2nd fresh water kayak fishing competition on sunday morning. Although there is hysinth around, we do have the opportunity of getting Bass, kurper, barbel and karp! Also Roodies never gets crowded and its easily accessible for just a mornings fish. The gates open a... more

Fishing this coming weekend - 2009-11-30

Hello Fishing friends, This fishing season has run away with us and we need to get our rods bending. I know that it is a really busy time of year for many of us, but it is our duty to get onto the water and catch a fish. Let us go fishing this coming Sunday, I propose Roodeplaat, I am open to better suggestions. It will be the 2nd freshwater kaya... more

Stealth/Garmin clinic - 2009-11-03

  My Fellow Webberteers! The following is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I encourage all of you to attend. This won't happen for a long time and its the first time this is happening in the kayak community and has not even happened in the Ski boat community! At our Pretoria store Stealth and technical Managers from Garmin are goin... more


  INTO BASS OFF KAYAKS   There is a rumour that the Rust de Winter dam will be closed to the public for two years.  Considering this possibility, we took the opportunity on Sunday, September the 6th, to enjoy this beautiful spot, right in the middle of the bass spawning.  It is a sad thought that we may possibly miss out on ... more

Long weekend in Bloemhof - 2009-09-21

Hello fellow kayak anglers, Thursday 24 September is Heritage day and more importantly Braai day. I have booked 2 campsites next to the Vaal river below Bloemhof Dam wall, at a place called De hoek resort(sites26 +26) for thursday night friday night and saturday night. This will be the venue for the first fresh water kayak fishing competition... more

The Bloemhof Barbel bonanza - 2009-09-11

Hello All, The long weekend approaches, the temp rises and the fish need food! The first of the fresh water kayak fishing competition will take place below Bloemhof Dam wall on the weekend starting heritage day, thursday the 24th of September. I will send more information next week, but try to keep this weekend open, it should be some incredi... more

The Big Bloemhof Barbel! - 2009-08-26

The Big Bloemhof Barbel! “It was not as easy as it seemed”   For a long time a few in a circle of our friends have spoken about using one of South Africa’s larger rivers as a form of transport for fishing purposes! Our options from Gauteng, and being in love with the snorbek, were; The Orange, the Vaal and the Krodod... more

Fresh Water Kayak fishing: by Brian Jacob - 2009-07-28

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day!   Is there anything more relaxing than floating on glassy water, in the shade, with an icy beverage at your side? Even better, you’ve got 2 different baits in the water and your plastics are being smashed by l... more

Time to make our reels sing! - 2009-07-27

Hello Everybody, On thursday 30 July at 7pm Brett Challenor is giving a bait presentation clinic at the Stealth shop in Centurion. R100 per person gets you some of the most well kept North coast angling secrets, entry into some great lucky draw prizes, access to some amazing one night specials and use of the braai facilities! Give me a shout on ... more

Bait Demo - 2009-07-08

Hello Anglers, We have confirmed the Bait Demo by Brett Challenor for 30 July 6:30pm for 7pm. It will be presented at the Stealth shop in Centurion, off Jakaranda st, their no is 0126535328. There will be braai facilities afterwards as well as some crazy specials on the necessary tackle. So bring your notepad, a choppie to tan, and the drink of ... more

Bait Demo - 2009-07-02

Hello All, We are almost through the winter! The Sards are almost at the North Coast and prime time in Mozambique is from August so we need to start getting prepared. Brett Challenor from Stealth is willing to share some of his valuable knowledge with us to help us catch more on our next trip to the coast. For this reason we are trying ... more

Ucan Tuchum - 2009-06-29

My apologies for the photo not going through. Please check the Hunter ski website to get a look at our lovely guide. Cheers Brian... more

Kayaking trip not to be missed! - 2009-06-24

To all of you who need a break. July 30th 2009 - Kayaking Trip I am planning a trip for July 30, 2009 to the home of one of the earliest Indian Settlements. The excursion will consist of a bus trip to the Cherokee Nation, and a guided tour along the river which runs through it. Cost of the river trip is $290.00 Per Person which includes food... more

Kayak Fishing - 2009-06-04

Hello Fish friends, The Paindane kayak fishing comp was another huge learning curve, with no big fish to write home about. Congratulations to Brett Bartho who swept away any competition getting a full house of Amberjacks off a secret reef 4km off Paindane after 2 days of fishing. Not to mention that he could probably trawl cona's for marlin... more

- 2009-04-29

Hello All, After five grueling events through the summer in the fresh water kayak fishing series Dave Mollat came out on top! He proved himself as the "Bass master"! Check the Fresh water kayak fishing page on the Hunter Ski website for more details. We are in the process of getting together a Gauteng kayak fishing club(GP Kfc). We had our fi... more

Gauteng Kayak fishing club inaugural meeting - 2009-04-21

Minutes:   Those present: Andre Daniell, Brian Jacob, Calvin Fourie, Clive Fourie, Andre Prinsloo, Stanton Daniell, Diff de Villier, Ian Fourie.   Agenda: 1.     A name for the club – GP KFC( this might be slightly to informal and can be viewed as spam mail on the internet) Gangsters  Kaya... more

GP KFC - 2009-04-08

Hello everybody, The inaugural GP kayak fishing club meeting will be held at the new Stealth shop in Centurion(off Jakaranda) on thursday the 16th April ath 7:30 pm. This time seems to suit more people. It is important to get as many people at this meeting as possible. There will not be many of these meeting and the first one will be the most... more

GP Kayak fishing club - 2009-04-06

Hello all fishing paddlers,Our great sport is growing at such a rapid pace, that it is needing some sort of control.This control will bring a measure of safety and avoid any nasty incidences.What we need to do is start a club!This club will be assocaited with the newly formed South African Kayak Fishing Assocaition, SAKFA.The main purpose of this c... more

The 5th Fresh water kayak fishing competition - 2009-03-16

Hello Everybody, Wow, this summer has flown! I hope that everybody got some good fishing done. Although the cold weather will slow down the fresh water species, our fishing obsessions can be turned towards Mozambique. The Stealth Paindane species classic is going to be huge this year, its running from 24May to 30 May. Saturday 21 March, Rust... more

Kayak fishing is the way of the future! - 2009-03-04

Hello all paddling fisherman,The days are getting shorter and slightly colder.Our window of opporunity to get our wonderful fresh water species is getting smaller.Thus, I propose getting our 5th and possibly final fresh water kayak fishing comp on the calendar.Our 2 options for the month of March are 14th and 21st, both Saturdays.We desparately nee... more

Results from the 4th fresh water kayak fishing competition - 2009-02-25

Thanks to everybody who fished on Saturday!Unfortunately the fishing was slow, but the guys fished hard and managed to boat three species with over 50 fish in total.The results were as follows:1st. Shaun F: 5 x kurpers - all medium - 20 3 x bass - all small - 61 x barbel - large - 6Total = 32 x 3 = 96 points2nd. Brian J: 5 x kurpers - all medium - ... more

4th Fresh Water Kayak Fishing Comp! - 2009-02-16

Hello All,Please don't forget this weekend coming Saturday 21 February, we are going to be fishing at Roodeplaat Dam. The gates open at 6 in the morning, so we will launch at 6:30am. The same launch spot as last time, right next to the fence of the start of the rowing and canoe club. When you drive through the gates of Roodeplaat, go straight ... more

February Fishing! - 2009-02-03

Dear Fellow Crazed Fisherman,We have reached the 4th competition in a pioneering Series of fresh Water Kayak fishing competitions. It has been a revilation for us to realise that we have these opportunities on our doorsteps. I urge you, if you have not already, to come and join us in a fun filled reel screaming day on the water.We have not confirme... more

2nd ever fresh water kayak fishing competition - 2009-01-26

2008-11-15 2nd ever fresh water kayak fishing competition06:00 - 02:30Oh what fun we have when the barbel are spawning!!!Another successful competion, and things are hotting up to see who takes the series at the end of the season. Before I put down the results, we should set a date for the 3rd competition. Sat and Sun 13, 14th DEC, any other ideas?... more

1 st ever freshwater kayak fishing competition! - 2009-01-26

2008-10-11 1 st ever freshwater kayak fishing competition!06:00 - 02:30Dear kayak fishing friends,It is time to come alive!Like a sleeping Bear after a long winter.Let us take to the water and catch some fish.Firstly I propose a Kayak Freshwater fishing comp, the first in the history of South Africa.The 2 options I see, are Buffelspoort and Rust de... more

3rd freshwater kayak fishing competition! - 2009-01-26

Buffelspoort, Sautrday 24 January 2009.Results:1st. Brian Jacob - 4 x vlei kurpers,2 x barbel(4.5pounds and 3.5pounds),1xbass 2nd. Dave Mollatt - 2 x bass, 1 x vlei kurper3rd. Corneil Jacob - 3 x vlei kurper4th. Harold Fourie - 2 x bass5th. Huson Chembezi - 1 vlei kurper.With a small turn out Brian turns on the heat and cat... more

- 2009-01-22

Ocean Kayak Fishing for dummies This is a guide to get you started in Kayak fishing, formerly known as “surfski” fishing. We are slowly switching to the word “kayak” because it is “international” and gets you more hits on your website. What is it?Kayak fishing is the sport of trying to catch fish from a kayak, canoe or fishing-ski. Ori... more

New improvements to Hunter Ski - Model 2009 - 2009-01-22

After two years of manufactiuring the Hunter Ski, we have realised that this is a phenominal product and needs to be nurtured. It has served its purpose in thousands of different situations to many different anglers.But we do not want to rest on the successes of the past, rather improve to ensure success in the future. Although 2007 and 2008 Hunter... more