Hunter Ski Kayaks

Hello Everybody,

My apologies for the long silence. It was a very busy end of year trying to manufacture kayaks for Fluid, Stealth and Hunter Ski. The Hunter Ski is now officially part of the Fluid range and is now the Fluid Hunter. This was a natural progression, as 95% of my energies are focussed on the manufacturing process, the other 5% goes to fishing.

We are still busy trying to find a retail premises for our fishing kayak shop, which will be a one of a kind fitment centre specialising in fishing kayaks and accessories. Our advantage will be our experience and knowledge of the sport along our coastlines. We do still retail kayaks, as well as any customisation that our clients need to be done. Drop me a mail if you need a quote on any kayak, plastic or fibreglass, fishing, touring or recreational, we have the largest stock of kayaks in the country and we are able to beat any price!

Kayak Clown has once again managed to capture some magnificent footage, I urge you to watch this video and all of Kayak Clown's other videos on youtube, just search for Kayak Clown.

Tight Lines!