New improvements to Hunter Ski - Model 2009

After two years of manufactiuring the Hunter Ski, we have realised that this is a phenominal product and needs to be nurtured. It has served its purpose in thousands of different situations to many different anglers.

But we do not want to rest on the successes of the past, rather improve to ensure success in the future. Although 2007 and 2008 Hunter ski clients may feel as though they have lost out, we will always do our best to keep Hunter Ski paddlers happy through service and advice. Trade-in's on the 1st model will be welcome. The 1st Hunter Ski model will forever be a great fishing platform, and was always amazing value for money.

Let me try to explain the changes we have made.

1. The biggest change is that I have now built a skeg system into the kayak. See photo 1
This increases the straight line performance of the kayak.

2. I have closed the utility trays at the back ie. Behind the briefcase handle.
This enables us to install as many rod holders in any direction as wanted. I install three rod holders on the standard kayak.

3. I have closed the large drain hole inbetween the paddlers feet and have replaced it with 2 smaller round drain holes, which are now a lot easier to seal. See photo 2

4. We have changed the style of handle. See photo 2

5. I have dropped the paddle holder screw to avoid fingers getting caught when paddling.

The last 4 changes are all asthetic and will not change the performance of the kayak.
Please give me a call for any questions on these changes.