1 st ever freshwater kayak fishing competition!

1 st ever freshwater kayak fishing competition!

06:00 - 02:30

Dear kayak fishing friends,

It is time to come alive!
Like a sleeping Bear after a long winter.
Let us take to the water and catch some fish.

Firstly I propose a Kayak Freshwater fishing comp, the first in the history of South Africa.

The 2 options I see, are Buffelspoort and Rust de Winter. Please recommend any better alternatives in the Gauteng area, if there are!

I am liking the weekend of the 11th and 12th of October, but again please suggest alternatives. There will be massive prizes and naked girls everywhere!

Most meritorious fish wins, therefore please send me the average fish weights for Bass, snorbek, carp and kurper in your opinions.

Even if you don’t have a kayak, or have a friend without a kayak, let me know, and we can probably make a plan.

The comp can be followed by a braai and Salt water bait demo by some more experienced Durban pro`s.

Stealth Kayaks have opened a kayak fishing shop in Silverton, Pretoria. A lot of really cool accessories as well as good sea angling gear, Durban prices. It’s on the corner of Motor Street and Simon Vermooten in Silverton. Gps Co-ordinate: 25*44.17S ; 028*19.74E. I am managing the shop for the time being. Please come and visit and brighten up my usually boring days.

Please don`t forget that I appreciated any kayak fishing photos.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Brian Jacob
Hunter Ski cc
Cell: 0723799577
Tel: 0114690950

Next proposed freshwater kayakfishing competition is the weekend of the 15th 16th of November.

What a Day!
The 1st ever fresh water kayak fishing competition was a success in every respect.
Some fish were caught, some skin fried and some beers drank!

1st : Mike Longhurst - 93cm barbel - 18 points
2nd : Ninja Stainton - 80cm barbel - 16 points
3rd : Dave Mollat - 3 x bass = 70cm - 14 points
4th : Brian Jacob - 2 x bass = 45cm - 9 points
5th : Lantz Mattiinson - 1 x bass length?
6th : Dave Bell - 1 x bass - 5 points

Championship points:
1st place : 50 points
2nd place : 40 points
3rd place : 30 points
4th place : 20 points
5th place : 10 pints
6th to 16th places all get 5 points

There has been talk of the next comp already, maybe longer fishing hours? Lets start getting some proposals early in order for people not to plan anything on the proposed weekend.

I propose the 1st or 2nd weekend in November, maybe Rust de winter.

The other discussion point was the value of the fish, ie barbel should not have counted the same as the bass. I suggest we get the SA record for each catchable species and scale the caught fish off these records.

Can`t wait for the next one!