Win a Proteus kayak

Hello Hunter Ski Family,
Let me start by wishing you all an amazing year ahead! I hope that you can spend more time on your kayak and less time worrying about life's insignificant problems.
There is so much to tell you, about all the exciting changes at Hunter Ski, but I will try to compact it into an easy to read Newletter.
Our new model kayaks have surpassed our, and our clients', wildest expectations. The quality of our kayaks at South African prices has been long overdue in our market. This can be attributed to how hard we have worked over the last 6 months. At Hunter Ski we do not employ more staff to lighten the load, but rather work harder to keep our quality as high as possible and our prices as low as possible. Besides the quality and price, the design of these kayaks is phenominal. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we have decided to just improve on it. This again, is with the best interests of the end user in mind. Before I get lost telling you about all the advantages and features of our kayaks, let me rather urge you to try out the kayaks and see for yourself. So give me a shout if I can organise a kayak for you to demo.
A group of 8 of my friends spent 5 days on the Orange river over New Years Eve. Three couples on Nessies, a Hunter Ski and a Proteus. An absolutely amazing experience which I will be writing more extensively about, but the most noticeable thing for me, was how well the Nessies and Proteus handled. I have done many such trips on the Hunter Ski before, so I knew that it would have no problems. Our Nessy was loaded with close to 250kg of humans and gear, bashed and scratched over rocks, and it stood up to every rapid and challenge we could throw at it. Only the Hunter Ski was toppled once, and we will blame that on the pilot!!! I learnt so much about the kayaks, and intend on fitting customized kayaks specifically for such trips. So if this interests you, please don't hesitate to ask me about it.
I am sure that everyone of you also had memorable times on your kayaks, and I would like to offer you the opportunity of winning a Proteus kayak if you share these photo's with us. Please send in photo's of your Hunter Ski kayaks in use, and at the end of February we will select the best photo which will win the super versatile Proteus.
Looking forward:
Hunter Ski will be rebranding our company and kayaks. Improvement sometimes requires change, and we have come to the point in our business where we need to position ourselves to be market leaders for the foreseeable future. You, our faithful clients, will be the first to know, when everything changes, and we will never forget the support that you have shown Hunter Ski over the last nine years. Providing Legendary kayaks and services will always be the way we run our business.
We also have exciting new kayak models that will be available in the next 2 months. Their Shapes, design and quality will revolutionise kayaking as we know it. Again, you will be the first to know. 
Support your local kayak retail outlet, there is no better way to buy a kayak than from your knowledgeable kayak dealer. Give me a shout if you are not sure where to find such a dealer. 
I look forward to keeping you on the water in 2014!"