Legend Kayaks

Hello Everybody,

To improve we have to change, and this has meant that the iconic Hunter Ski will now get a new name. Hunter ski will never be forgotten, and neither will you, the original Hunter Ski paddlers.

We have decided to now called the company "Legend Kayaks". Our goal will be to always make Legendary kayaks that our customers love and cherish. The new names of the kayaks, will represent the Legends of the waters we paddle on.

"Nessy" - The Loch Ness Monster is a cryptid, reputedly a large unknown animal that inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Our new double/triple seater kayak is big, strong and agile like its name sake.

"Makara" - (previously named the "Hunter Ski") - is a sea-creature in Hindu mythology. It is generally depicted as half terrestrial animal (in the frontal part in animal forms of elephant or crocodile or stag, or deer) and in hind part as aquatic animal, in the tail part, as a fish tail or also as seal. Sometimes, even a peacock tail is depicted. The Makara can be used for many different purposes and thus the half crocodile, half deer creature is an apt name.

"Proteus" In Greek mythologyProteus is an early sea-god or god of rivers and oceanic bodies of water, one of several deities whom Homer calls the "Old Man of the Sea". Our shorter single kayak, the "Proteus" is equally at home playing in the waves as it is cruising rapids.

With all the change will come a new website, simpler, cleaner and easier. The new website will be up in a few days and I will drop you an email to notify you.

Check out the February edition of the complete Fly Fisher, Sean Ions uses his "Makara"/Hunter Ski to catch some beautiful Yellow Fish on the Orange River.

I have also written an article on the Orange River, which will be published in the next edition of the GoFish magazine.

We have a huge range of kayaks in stock at the moment to suit every need. Give me a shout if you need one and we can try find the right kayak to suit your purpose and budget.