Legend Kayak News

Hello All,

I have so much news to share with you all.

Let me start with the most exciting. We are about to release "The Kraken", our new and very exciting kayak. It's been a long time in coming, but we have put all our knowledge and passion into this shape, which is going to change kayaking in South Africa. I will be sending out photo's of the first moulding towards the end of the week. 

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This is the most active, and due to become even more active, part of our communication with our faithful customers. 

I am embarcking, with my crazy friend Johan, on a journey that many have said we are stupid to attempt. We will be launching from Pemba, the northern tip of Mozambique, with 2 "Kraken" kayaks. We will be attempting to paddle to Lazarus Banks. 120km offshore, we will have to spend a minimum of 48hours paddling out to this spectacular reef. Our social media(facebook etc) will be keeping a watchful eye on our progress.

As a result of this crazy mission, our factory will be closed from 14 July until 28 July. This is not to say that you cannot get kayaks from us, all our emails and phone numbers will be manned, with stock available.

Unfortunately we will only be releasing the "Kraken" to the public upon our return from Pemba, as then I will have put the kayak through it's paces and can supply you with total knowledge of the kayaks abilities.

For this week only we are offering incredible specials on the stock that we have in the factory, so let me know if you need a kayak, and I will get you the ideal kayak at a giveaway price.

Take care!