Have a Legendary Christmas


Hello Legend Dealer,

What an exciting festive we have ahead of us! Not only are we supplying the most practical, best value for money, highest quality kayaks in South Africa, but our main competitor has sold out to major retailer, who think that by giving a R700 discount on their kayaks will sway the market.

As you well know, a customer in the market for a kayak, would rather deal with a specialist salesperson and shop than go to a Warehouse store who know nothing about the sport.

Let me stop ranting and let you know, that we are ready, and will be on call throughout the festive season, to take your order and deliver it to you, at the right price as quickly as possible.

We are busy, but never to busy, to service your kayaking need. Get the stock into your shop asap to maximise sales.

I look forward to hearing from you!