GP Kayak fishing club

Hello all fishing paddlers,

Our great sport is growing at such a rapid pace, that it is needing some sort of control.
This control will bring a measure of safety and avoid any nasty incidences.
What we need to do is start a club!
This club will be assocaited with the newly formed South African Kayak Fishing Assocaition, SAKFA.

The main purpose of this club will be safety, and a numbering system for our members will go along way toward this.

I suggest a meeting amongst as many interested parties as possible, as soon as possible.
I have an example of a simple constitution for a North Coast club, we can work from this to make our own.
Stealth have kindly offered their shop in Centurion as a venue for these meetings.
I reccomend tuesday 14 April, wednesday 15 April, or thursday 16 April at around 7pm.

It is difficult if not impossible to contact all the kayak anglers in Gauteng, so if you know of somebody who kayak fishes, please forward this onto them.
Please forward me your comments and suggestions as well.


Brian Jacob
Hunter Ski cc
Cell: 0723799577
Tel: 0114690950
PO Box 1233, Lonehill, 2062.