Gauteng Kayak fishing club inaugural meeting



Those present: Andre Daniell, Brian Jacob, Calvin Fourie, Clive Fourie, Andre Prinsloo, Stanton Daniell, Diff de Villier, Ian Fourie.



1.     A name for the club – GP KFC( this might be slightly to informal and can be viewed as spam mail on the internet) Gangsters  Kayak fishing club? Our nickname will then be “Gangsters”

2.     Purpose of the club – the primary purpose of the club must be safety, to advise and control the safety regulations for the clubs members. We can work from other clube rules and regulations to find ones that best suit out club. An added advantage of the club will be the network it creates amongst its members.

3.     Membership/ list/ termination/ Application form – keep the points on these to cover ourselves at a later stage, ie rather more intricate constitution.

4.     Constitution – Safety Regulation/ Rules


To fish from a Kayak in South Africa you must adhere to the following SAMSA minimum requirements...

*       Purchase a fishing licence from the Post Office or KZN wildlife office

*       Pay for the angling and skipper of a vessel on your licence

*       Kayak must be over 3 metres in length to go to sea (beyond the backline)

*       Kayak must have minimum 30% buoyancy

*       You must wear an approved PFD (personal flotation device)

*       Carry a 10 metre rope.  (tow rope)

*       Pencil flares (not out of date)

*       Bailing device (bucket or collapsible bucket) You can use your tackle box or a sponge

*       You must have 750ml drinking water.

*       You must not exceed 1km from land (1000m)

*       You can launch anywhere except if the launch site is restricted by Port Authority, Private owner, Parks Board, or Municipality for which you may be asked to pay a fee

*       SAKFA also recommend...

*       Paddle leash.

*       Attach your paddle to your ski via a leash (some like to detach during launching and beaching)

*        Kayak should display approved SAKFA identification number something like KFSC69 which means Kayak Fishing (KF) Scottburgh (SC) and allocated number. So if your Kayak is found out at sea NSRI or anyone who finds it can phone SAKFA or the club which issued the number and get your details

*       Carry a cell phone in a waterproof pouch programme in 082 911 SEA RESCUE

*       SMS your launch and return time or leave a float plan with someone

*       SAKFA recommend you join a local Kayak club

*       Always check the weather forecast before you leave and keep checking when you are out at sea

*       Make sure you can turn over and climb on your Kayak if it capsizes

*       Never paddle alone always paddle with at least one person

*       If your Kayak capsizes stay with it and phone for help

*       Tell someone where you are going and estimated time due back

*       Complete a launch register at your launch site if applicable

*       Check your Kayak before leaving for cracks and leaks. Make sure the bungs are in!

*       Remember -  know your own personal paddling capabilities and do not exceed them

*       Don't forget your fishing licence and vessel licence (both on the same licence)

*       Obey any Parks board or municipality launch site rules and pay fees if applicable

*       A plastic whistle is also handy to have to attract attention

*       A mirror to use for attracting attention (using suns reflection)

*       Write your SAKFA number and cell number on your paddle and equipment

- Requirements for joining

*       -Termination of membership / 75% majority is required

*       - Alteration of rules / 75% majority is required


5.     Fees – Once off R50 and R250 annually, this will be made up of admin /stickers/SAKFA joining fee

6.     Meetings – with emails it will hopefully not be necessary to have too many meetings, maybe once every three months, AGM once a year with 14 days notice. Meetings can be combined with bait demos or social functions in the future.

7.     Committee – Chairman – Brian Jacob; Club Captain – Calvin Fourie; Secretary – Andre Daniell; Safety Officer – Brett Challenor/Brian Jacob; Treasurer – Stanton Daniell; Member – Diff De Villiers.

8.     Venue – Bid thanks to Stealth for allowing us to use their shop in Centurion as a venue.

9.     Financial accounts – Year end must be before AGM, simple spreadsheet.