Hello All,

After five grueling events through the summer in the fresh water kayak fishing series Dave Mollat came out on top! He proved himself as the "Bass master"! Check the Fresh water kayak fishing page on the Hunter Ski website for more details.

We are in the process of getting together a Gauteng kayak fishing club(GP Kfc). We had our first meeting which went really well, we have set-up a committee, a application form and we are working on our constitution. The main purpose of our club will be to promote safety when kayak fishing, but and added advantage will be the network of kayak fisherman that the club will create.

The application form for the club and minutes for the first meeting are on my website under Documents and Brochures. Please send me an email if you can help with the set-up of the club or would like to be more involved. I will post the constitution on the same page as soon as we have completed it.

Just a reminder to everybody, the Paindane species challenge is coming up on the 24th of May, not to be missed!

Congratulations again to our fresh water kayak fishing champion Dave Mollatt.