Winter fishing

Hello from Hunter Ski,

I write to you with freezing fingers. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate through the winter and wake up when the fish start to spawn. But not all is doom and gloom!

Fishing is really good around Durban at the moment, great catches of Wahoo, Tuna and the Dagga are starting to appear. The Sards are almost there and they should bring some serious excitement with them. Mick Clarke at knows how to get you into some fish down there, so don't hesitate to give him a call.

Mozambique also has good fish throughout the year. Our next planned trip up there is for the Guinjata kayaks vs. Jet Ski competition on the 23rd of October. Let me know if you are interested and we can get a group together.

September is not far away, and this is when the freshwater fishing will start cooking again. Although I have heard of guys still getting good bass and karp now when the weather is at its coldest.

Please check for my report on my first sail fish that I have caught from a kayak, I also posted some great pics in the gallery.

We are releasing the 1st stealth plastic kayak manufactured by Hunter Ski in 9 weeks time. It is really exciting times, and we hope to have 4 plastic kayak shapes by the end of the year.

Tight lines in cold times!