The Fresh water kayak fishing series - Dimalachite

Hello Paddler/Anlgers,

We are having a huge Hunter Ski christmas clearance sale, some of our 2nd hand and Demo kayaks are going at below cost. Please email me for a detailed list of the kayaks on this sale. These are never to be repeated prices.

Rather late than never, here are the results from last weekend(Sunday 28November) fresh water kaya fishing competition that was held on the Vaal River.

1st: Lyndon - 5 x barbel, 15kg + (4 x 1kg) = 19 points

2nd: Milinda - 1 x small mouth yellow fish - 2.5kg ; 4 x 1kg barbel = (2.5 + 4) x 2 = 13 points

3rd: Elmero - 2 x small mouth yellow fish - 1.5kg & 500g ; 4 x 1kg barbel = (2 + 4) x 2 = 12 points

4th: Brian - 3 x barbel, 9kg + (2 x 1kg) = 11 points

5th: Nicci - 4 x barbel, 5kg + (3 x 1kg) = 8 points

6th: Rudolf - 5 x barbel, (5 x 1kg) = 5 points

7th: Ivan - 4 x barbel, (4 x 1kg) = 4 points 

8th: Derek - 3 x barbel, (3 x 1kg) = 3 points

9th: Reinhardt

10th: TC

It was a magnificent day on the water, the fish were thick and everybody had a good time. Always amazing to see a massive barbel like Lyndon's come out. Dimalachite has proven to be an ideal venue for our fresh water kayak fishing and we are sure to return.

Unfortunately this year is running away with us, and in all likelyhood we will not manage another get together before next year. We will most certainly get stuck into somemore freshwater V6's and V8's when we all return from our holidays. I will be sure to let you know at that time.

We have been working on a sailing kit for the Hunter ski and have come very close to perfecting it. See the pic attached.

The Hunter Ski factory is staying open until the 24th of December, so please feel free to let us know if you need any last minute kayak accessories or kayaks. 

A Blessed and merry christmas to you all, Safe travels and Tight lines!!!