Rhenosterkop Kayak fishing competition Saturday 12 February

Hello Fishheads,

So with a beautiful Shakespeare Baitcaster up for grabs, the entries for this coming Saturdays competition are pouring in. Not only are the prizes mouth watering, the fishing at Rhenosterkop is probably the best in Gauteng!

So let me try to get the logistics sorted: 

If you have not been to this dam before, we should probably go together as it is not that easy to find. We will meet at Zambezi turnoff/tollgate at 5:45am on Saturday morning. We should then get to the side of the dam at 7. Competition will begin at 7:30am. It is not a good idea to camp at this dam, so the competition will end at 2:30pm. Prize giving at 3. Numbers are looking really good at the moment, so the prizes could potentially increase. We can maybe consider going to camp at Roddeplaat which is on the way home, and fish there on Sunday morning.

Entrance into the competition is R50, which needs to be payed before 7:30am start on saturday morning for you to be eligable for the prizes. For those intending to rent a kayak from Hunter Ski for the day, it will be R200 which includes you entrance into the comp. Your kayak will have a paddle and a life jacket. I am fast runnuing out of kayaks, so please confirm you kayak booking as soon as possible.

This is going to be a species comp. To simplify things, 1 fish equals 1 point. Points are then multiplied by the number of species caught. Maximum of 5 fish of one species. The idea is that you target as many species as possible. Most points wins the rod and reel. There will also be a prize for the biggest fish of every species, this needs to be weighed(on an electric scale), photographed and witnessed for the fish to be eligable for the biggest fish prizes. For the fish just to count a point, it just needs to be witnessed and noted what number that fish is of that species for that angler. Myself and Lloyd will have electric scales, please bring one along if you have one, we need to assist fellow anglers wherever possible. We promote catch and release, and if a fish dies it cannot count in the competition.

This may seem longwinded, but where money is involved, and also to move our sport forward, we all need to be on the same page.

See the freshwater kayak fishing series page on my website to see the log as it stands at the moment. Its still anybody season!