Gauteng Kayak Fishing club

 Hi Guys,


Its not gonna snow today!

But you are getting some correspndance about our Gauteng kayak fishing club.

I am not gonna use the old cliché that I’ve been so busy, just that we need to use the opportunity we have with our club.


I have updated our members list, so please feel free to get involved and reply to all.

I propose an AGM on Friday the 15th of April.

We are welcome to use the Hunter Ski factory as a venue.

Meeting, braaing and we can even talk some fishing.


SAKFA(South African kayak fishing association), with whom we are affiliated, now requires the numbers which we issue to be done annually.

So this means the 1st batch of numbers we issued are not valid anymore, the numbers now require a year to be displayed on it.

This will have to be one of the issues on our agenda, I will get the 2011 set of numbers prepared for our meeting.


The Paindane Challenge is at the end of May, it would be great if our club could represent Gauteng.

I will bring the tackle that I would take out to sea with me to the meeting, and try answer questions on why I do it.


I really need help on the administration of this club, so please try to come to the meeting, or give feedback to this email.