Gauteng kayak fishing club / Loskop Kurper Bonanza

 Hi Guys,

So next weekend Saturday the 16th of April the Gauteng kayak fishing club will be having its AGM at 10am at the Hunter Ski factory. This meeting is not only for members but for anbody interested in getting involved in this amazing sport. We will go through all the formalities and administration, and then braai some boerie rolls and chat fishing.

Also happening Saturday:

Angling Africa will host Markus Potgieter from Stealth skis on Friday the 15 April from 18H00 .
and Saturday 16 April from 14h00.This will give us from inland some info that we all need for
Paindaine coming up in May.

R100.00 will cover a braai and some cold drinks.

Willem:083 294 3996

The Loskop Kurper Bonanza is happening this coming Saturday the 2nd of April. Incredible prizes. I unfortunately I cannot attend this year. Please let me know if you can go and represent the kayakers, we might be able to organise a preferential launch sight for the paddlers to put you closer to the good spots.

We are also thinking about having another kayak fishing competition on Sunday the 16th off April. Let me know if this is a possibility for you, it will only be worth it if we have good numbers, so please do let me know.