Gauteng kayak fishing meeting - saltwater clinic

 Hi everybody,

A quick reminder about tomorrow mornings meeting at 10am at the Hunter ski factory. Please send me any topics that I can include on the agenda. Anybody is welcome, member or non-member, paddler or non-paddler, any input will be appreciated.

There is a saltwater kayak fishing clinic at Anlging Africa tonight at 6pm and another tomorrow at 2pm, really worth attending if this form of kayak angling interests you.

We will be taking on Rhenosterkop on Sunday morning to see who can get the biggest bass. We will try to launch by 7:30am. Please let me know if you need kayaks. All forms of fishing vessels are welcome. If you do not have a scale, try to organise a big bucket or trommel to keep you trophy bass alive until you can get to an electric scale.

WooooHoooo! I have a great feeling about this weekend!!!