Bass are biting!

 Hi Everybody,

Some Kayak fishing dates to diarise. I am proposing the weekend Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September. It is the Grand opening of the season of kayak fishing. The RRR Bass Classic!!! In conjunction with the Gauteng kayak fishing club and the Pretoria kayak fishing club. Sponsored by Beyond Fishing,, Anlging Africa, and HunterSki. The competition will be covered by GoFish magazine. So expect some spectacluar prizes!

The plan is to fish Roodeplaat on friday 9 September afternoon, and then camp at Roodeplaat for the night. Early rise to fish Rhenosterkop on Saturday. Leave Rhenosterkop at +-2pm to set-up camp at Rust de Winter. Fish Rust De Winter on Sunday.

With this format, in the spawn, I think we are going to see some serious Giant Bass coming out!

A Mozambique competition date: The Guinjata Jet-ski vs Kayak comp in late October early November.

A quick report from this last weekends fishing.

After last weeks great weather, we had a hunch the Bass in Rhenosterkop would be biting, so we got up at 4:30 on Sunday morning armed with 2 rubberducks and a Hunter Ski. Part of the excursion was to test 2 new 85 yamaha engines that we have installed onto our Buccaneer, they went like a bomb! I say it with a tear in my eye, but unfortunately the boat is for sale.

This was also my first experience of "mother shipping". This is a term that Americans have created, its when a motorised boat takes kayaks to fishing spots that are out of paddling distance. Lantz was our Guinea on the kayak, and he actually did really well, and out fished the boats in the early morning, there is certainly an advantage being on a totally silent vessel! It has always been a dream of mine to use this duck as a mothership to fish some of Mozambique's deaper, untouched reefs! 

Anyway, the fishing was great for me on Sunday for some reason unbeknown;-). I got 16 bass, biggest 1.5kg, averaging +-700 to 800g. I was texas rigging with a paddle tail worm, normally dead sticking. Anthea caught a size Bass of 2.34kg, what a fish! Derek and Elmero did alright and got 6 fish on their duck. Rick and Lloyd were taught a Bass fishing lesson initially, but eventually got tight lines. It was a beautiful morning on the water, and the Bass are certainly starting with a pre spawn bite!

I was at the boat show this weekend, as always an amazing set-up, with beautiful Ladies, I mean Boats! Apparently boobs sell boats?

I spent time at Gawies stand from pro-kayak, I met Shaun Thomassen(My Hero!), and chilled at the GoFish stand with Kirk, who gave me quite a few free magazines, so please pick one up from the factory if you in the area.

Can't wait to see you on the Water!