The Season is running away

 Hello Everybody,

I want to apologise for my lack of correspondance over the last few weeks. I am not going to complain about how busy i have been, its a cliche, and one should always make time for fishing and fishing friends. 

But let me quickly tell you about all the exciting things ahppening in the Hunter Ski and kayak fishing world:

Firstly, we at Hunter Ski, are making the best kayaks we have ever made, and we want to support our clients who have believed in us in the past, so we are offering trade-in's on old model Hunter Ski's at cost. Get hold of me so that we can value your kayak and quote on the trade-in. We are also offering amazing in-house specials on new kayaks in preparation for summer. 

Secondly, I have been working very hard on perfecting the fitment of electric motors to the Hunter Ski. I believe that it is going to revolutionise many aspects of fishing. It is extremely efficient and quiet, and not too hard on the pocket either. Please feel free to contact me to organise a test drive of this amazing addition onto the Hunter Ski.

Thirdly, a group of us paddlers are going up to the Guinjata Kayaks vs Jet-ski competition at the end of this month. It is amazing value for money, and the trip including everything can work out to under R3000 for the week. We have space in our chalets as well as transport for any interested parties. We will be representing the Gauteng Kayak fishing club!

Next, there is a once in a lifetime bass fishing weekend planned for the weekend 5th 6th November. Private farm dams in the Richmond area will be opened to anglers. Lantz has space in his vehicle and asks that you please give him a shout if you interested. His no is:0879852051.

Lastly, the 2nd edition of the freshwater kayak fishing competitions is due to be held next weekend, a venue is needed so please forward your suggestions. Its time to stretch our arms again people!

Please remember to send me pictures of you and your kayak, preferably with a fish in the shot as well!

Tight Lines! See you soon!