Burnt Silence

 Hello Everybody,

On this occassion my silence has been directly linked to a disaster in our factory. On Saturday night the 22nd of October there was a fire in the Hunter Ski factory storeroom. 80% of our stock was lost, including kayaks, rubber ducks, fish finders, boat fittings etc etc. 

It has been a very difficult time for me and now after my mourning, I can see there are 2 positives to come from this disaster. Firstly, our machine and moulds seem to still be in tact. Secondly, we have decided to move the factory to a small town called Park Rynie on the South coast. 

The move itself has positives and negatives. Negatives include intense amount of smoke covered work, intimidating trying to operate in a totally new environment, but mostly I am moving away from a paddling/fishing community I have grown to love. I truly intend to still be very involved in Gauteng with all my fishing buddies, the Gauteng club and everybody I have ever wet a line with. I will be up once a month to service my clients in Gauteng, and hopefully we can coincide this with a fishing trip/comp.

The positives of the move are cheaper rent and being by the sea. I have dreamed of living close to the sea for a long time and it seems like God has forced my hand to follow my dream. 

But this was not about me, it is about Hunter Ski, and hunter ski will never forget who was there in the beginning, who helped create a new facet in fishing, freshwater kayak fishing, it was you, my clients, my friends, my family!

We intend to get the factory up and running in 2 to 3 weeks, so your continued support in these difficult times will be invaluable.

I cannot wait to wet a line with you again, maybe this time it can be with a bit of salt on it!

Tight Lines!